Who We Are & What Is Our Why

I am a North Carolina Native who graduated from Western Carolina University with a Degree in Business Administration. With 17 years experience in sales and 12 of those years managing large portfolios for a staffing company. In 2020 my wife and our 3 boys moved to Arizona and opened our doors to Grove Recruit Group. Growing up as a soccer player, & Eagle Scout I learned the value of team, sportsmanship, leadership, God & Family. With those values and experiences I fell in love with building teams, scouting impact players and changing peoples lives. Fast forward to today, Grove Recruit Group seeks to employee impact players that are considered top-tier talent and viewed as extraordinary culture fits. We believe every search & hire is exceptional in their own right and we strive to pass on a legacy of hiring the right candidate the first time around.

Our “why” is a powerful story: one that God authored perfectly, for us. And with that being said, our journey to starting this company stemmed not just from a true passion of helping people but wanting to use our platform to help people better understand the beauty of Autism. We are true advocates of providing support to the Autistic community, to promote the beauty of different minds…because our hearts were stolen by our son, who is on the spectrum. So, Grove Recruit Group is more than just a recruiting firm – we are deeply rooted in acceptance and kindness.

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